Ozaukee County's Longest Running Non-Profit Community Theatre Organization!

Cedarburg Players


Cedarburg Players began in 1991 one weekend on a small platform stage at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. Through the course of the years, Cedarburg Players have presented shows around town, to include the American Legion and the PAC.

As in other arts, theatre teaches about life, ourselves and our fellow man. Stories have been told since the beginning of time that help to provide a bond from the past and to the future. Now in its 21st season, Cedarburg Players has offered a variety of shows, but our audiences said they want to be entertained and to laugh. Answering their request, the Players have done primarily comedies and comedy-dramas. Word has certainly gone around - as our audiences, participants and volunteers come from all over Northeast Wisconsin. 

​Many lifelong friendships have been formed among Cedarburg Players while practicing a "heated argument", handing off a prop, or falling off a balcony. There is a strong bond with all who band together to put on a play. We become friends because we work as one to tell a story. Community theatre brings people closer together; it tests their skills and it enlightens audiences. We are thrilled to be part of the vibrant, long-cherished tradition of theatrical storytelling.

Cedarburg Players have come from a humble beginning, to now being able to provide the very best in live theatre. Most theatre companies don't make it past 5 years, we are truly blessed and honored to continue this journey. Please join us!


As a non-profit organization, we believe that theatre is both a community event and a way to build a community.  The mission of the Cedarburg Players is to enrich and entertain the Ozaukee County area communities and beyond by providing a superior theatre experience.

Our board members, cast, crew and volunteers come from all walks of life and bring to the Players varied levels of skills and experience. We come together with a common passion while presenting the outstanding theatre performances that you've come to know and love.

We look forward to continuing our journey and invite you to join us, as we continue in our efforts to grow and entertain you, as well as meet... better yet, exceed your expectations in the community theatre experience.

A Little Bit About Us...